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“From an outsiders perspective”

They shit their pants a whole lot less these days and all though we have left a lot of the toddler chaos behind there is still plenty of other chaos in our lives. Just my yearly reminder to be kind to others and yourself ✌🏼 #mumlife

First Written 07/01/2017

An open letter to anyone with "an outsiders perspective"

I'd finally felt as though I'd hit my stride again, feeling happier with my little lot in life than I'd felt in a while. I am not by any means perfect mother material but id found a peace that comes with accepting and embracing the chaos that comes from raising four young boys (4,2,1&1).

That was until recently when I was confronted by the words "from an outsiders perspective..." There are so many things that can follow on from that!

From an outsiders perspective... you'd have to wonder what she does all day?

From an outsiders wouldn't think it'd be that hard.

From an outsiders perspective...

you'd wonder why she has been doing this when she could be doing that?

The list goes on but I ask you this,

Until you have had to sit on the toilet floor for half an hour reading books with 2 toddlers on your lap and a preschooler turning pages while your two year old toilet trains (and then still shits himself 2mins after he has his underwear back on). Please don't judge me.

Until you have felt what it's like to let one (or more) of your children cry on the floor because, like a triage nurse, you have to pick the most urgent one first. Please don't judge me.

Until you have to time your bathroom breaks with military precision so that no one is seriously injured and nothing is permanently damaged in the 1min 45sec you are out of the room, please don't judge me.

Until you have thrown your hands in the air and given up on housework so that you can play all day because you couldn't stand to hear yourself yell or nag them one more time, please don't judge me.

Until you have let out a big sigh as the last one has fallen asleep and thought "fuck me I have to do this again tomorrow (and the next day and the day after)", please don't judge me.

In fact please just don't judge me at all because let me assure you, i do enough of that myself!

Know this though, my house is a mess ALL of the time (even when it's clean, it's a mess!) but my washing isn't going anywhere and my children are fed, clothed and above all they are happy and loved so from an insiders perspective we are doing fine.


Steph xx

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