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Just a bit of New Year, New Me BS

So holidays are over! We’ve been lucky enough to have this much of a break but now it’s time to get back to work. The only problem is, I don’t know where the heck we are going this year!

Since New Years Day I have felt a bit conflicted. I’m ready to get the ball rolling, ready to make and ready to grow but the question of what and how are forcing me to become anxious and procrastinate.

I feel like I need a game plan for the year, some direction so that I can stay focused in achieving our ultimate goal, (which I will go in to detail about another time) however I am a bit of a magpie drawn to anything new and shiny, I get distracted easily, veering off course frequently, which makes for a interesting journey but I get frustrated with myself for wasting time on things that aren’t necessarily moving us forward. If I’m not careful this frustration can snowball, consuming my brain with the unproductive notion of my inadequacy, which can be hard to bounce back from.

That’s why, today I have out my trusty pen and notebook combo, (just one of many in our house as I’m an avid list writer. It helps get things out of my brain and clears some of the noise in my head) I’m dedicating this first day back at work to making a plan for the year, I guess you could call it a belated New Years resolution.

Is there anyone else out there feeling a bit flat? I can’t be the only one faced with the whole New Year, New Me bullshit while struggling to get my life in order.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, tips and plans on getting refocused at the beginning of the year!

Steph xx

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